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Friday, 30 September 2016

34 Week Pregnancy Update

34 Week Pregnancy Update
How far along: 34 weeks + 6 days
Symptoms: Lower back and hip pain as well as more intense lightening crotch and braxton hicks. I did hear these are due to get more intense as we approach d-day but I am wondering if he is starting to become engaged?
Food Cravings: Still very much into milk!
Movement: Tonnes this week which also makes me wonder if he is lowering down and allowing himself some more room?
Gender: Boy!
Sleep: Getting so much better! I am waking up with achey hips and obviously the need to a wee but loads more room!
Miss Anything: Nothing strikes me this week!
Best Moment: Some good things happened. I got my changing bag, packed it for the hospital and had some retail therapy buying lovely bits for my boy!
Worst Moment: I do keep having the constant fear my waters are leaking, I have seen the midwife and will re-discuss with her on Tuesday for reassurance!
Looking forward to: Tonnes! Tomorrow is my mums birthday, I have a free weekend to blog, my maternity leave starts next week and my baby shower is also next week!

Here is my 34 week pregnancy update video! 

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  1. It feels really good to have the hospital bags packed - one less thing to worry about. :) I still need to do mine but have most of the bits of them now.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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