Why won't my baby be put down?! | Baby Hacks: Babywearing

Isn't it amazing how many people tell you "all newborns do is sleep"? I mean sure, they do... but that sentence is missing out a key piece of information. Newborns sleep all the time IF you hold them. I have never been so unprepared in all my life for when my precious little baby boy hit 3 weeks and screamed the house down unless he was being held.

I complained about pregnancy, and I WON'T apologise.

I had so many ideals of the type of pregnant person I'd be when I was planning my family. I was going to be glowing with a neat little bump, I'd be eating salads and organic veggies while attending pregnancy yoga and aquanatal classes, I would be cherishing every moment. However, the reality is incredibly far from that and it really does pain me to admit it, but I didn't love pregnancy. I didn't hate it, but I certainly didn't love every moment. I felt completely indifferent, I was just a human incubator doing a job.

Sensory Play with Infantino BKIDS

When I was pregnant I always thought I'd be great at encouraging sensory play, I saw all of the DIY creations on Pinterest and even made my own board but I just never got round to making them. Recently though there is no escaping Rory's development and his need for sensory stimulation. He has started to become so interested in finding new things to feel and hold, different motions and textures as well as bright lights and learning to communicate. When we were asked to take a look at the BKIDS Infantino Range I jumped at the chance and these have quickly become some of our go-to toys.